Ecological awareness

With respect to man and to the environment


Lefkosidirourgia Kavalas S.A. is a company with a high level of ecological awareness. The materials it uses to manufacture its products are fully recyclable, as they come from nature and return to it.

Tinplate and its Advantages

Tinplate – a thin plate of steel covered with tin – is a material that is friendly to the environment. Due to its magnetic properties it can be easily recovered from the rest of the waste even if it has not been initially separated from the other waste, and it can be immediately sent to the foundry.

Regardless the volume of secondary tinplate packaging materials that are collected, they can always be absorbed by the steel industry. Even if they are grounded or disposed by accident, they break down, disintegrate and return to nature without causing any harmful side-effects. Thus, the quantities of secondary tinplate packaging materials do not remain active sources of pollution or environmental burden.