Production – Quality

Whatever you want, exactly as you want it!



Our industrial plant is located at our private facilities of 8,500 square meters in an overall area of 21,000 square meters, in Kavala, and has production lines of metal packaging for foods and chemicals


The company distributes the majority of its products throughout Greece. Its exporting operations began in 1993, by exporting its products to the following areas: Canada, Australia, Europe and the Balkans.

Our vision is to create for our customers quality products that exceed their requirements and expectations.

​Being aware of the needs of our customers regarding the safe storage of their products, we work having as mission to offer them quality tin cans that are appropriate for foods and chemicals.

On an annual basis, our production in combination with the mechanical equipment we have in our facilities, both covers the existing demand and has the capacity of doubling these demands.

The company deals exclusively with the manufacture of tin cans for foods and cans for general use in various sizes, depending on the customer’s needs and requirements.

We use the most modern technological methods of control, that guarantee the excellent quality of the final product.

The can packages preserve the appearance, the taste, the flavor and, principally, the nutrients of the foods they contain, as they are impervious to sunlight and the oxygen of the atmosphere. Furthermore, in the can packaging there is no requirement of use of preservatives and thus the foods have a longer shelf-life.

In order to understand the space where the metal turns into art, Lefkosidirourgia Kavalas S.A. has taken production quality seriously into account which had as result the obtaining of the following international certificates: ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-22000.

One of our most principal goals is to maintain the high level of our production conditions and of the quality of our final products, thus give particular emphasis to every phase of our production process. One of the most important phases is the one of quality control. At this phase the metal tin plates are controlled with digital devices of high definition and the machines that close the metal cans by joining the base and the lid of the cans with their lateral parts, are subject to continuous monitoring, while, in parallel, the values of the tightening levels are calculated. Furthermore, the tightening control devices are also monitored, as well as the correctness and accuracy of operation of the machines.

The metal cans we process and produce with our modern machines, are subject to 8 checking/control points which are the following:

  • folding
  • seams
  • angulations
  • lacquering at the interior and the exterior of the metal cans
  • drying
  • openings of corners
  • closing (base and lid)

The assembly is automatic.

The bases and the lids of metal cans are typed, folded and dried automatically by robotic machines without the slightest human intervention.